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ERI continuing education courses for physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, special educators, athletic trainers, and more prioritize person-centered treatment founded on the latest research.

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When you host an ERI occupational therapy CEU or PT course, you show your commitment to evidence-based continuing education, improving outcomes, and showcase your facility—and we reserve the best seats in the house for your staff.

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Our world-class instructors have the luxury of focusing exclusively on teaching the latest advances in their field while their ERI team takes care of everything else. ERI provides seamless, detail-oriented support for you and your learners, from organizing your travel to printing your course materials.

Continuing Education for Therapists

Since the founding of Education Resources over 30 years ago, we have set the standard for continuing education for therapists. As a continuing education development provider by therapists for therapists, we can help you reignite your passion for your field while improving care on an individual and practice-wide level. Whether you are looking for new speech-language strategies, ways to provide care or opportunities to foster greater connections with your patients or students, our continuing education unit (CEU) courses will provide the resources you need.

Choosing to take a continuing education course is an investment in your practice and your patients or students. At ERI, we design our live and on-demand online course offerings to be engaging with insight from industry experts to allow participants to receive the most value. 

You may take our courses to renew your American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) or Physical Therapy license or improve your current skills and knowledge. Regardless of your reasons, our lessons will remind you why you entered your field and teach you how to continue providing excellent care.

Our CEU Courses

At ERI, our CEU courses will help you gain new skills to improve care for your patients or students. With opportunities for hands-on learning and evidence-based practices, you will improve your level of care while advancing your career. 

Another benefit of taking our live continuing education courses is the flexibility they provide. Participants can take courses on their schedule in their chosen location for optimal learning. The two types of courses we offer on our online continuing education platform are:

Live Webinars

Join our live webinars for an engaging learning experience. We offer webinars on a wide variety of topics to allow all students to expand their skills. If you can’t make a live CEU webinar due to scheduling, we offer multiple sessions for participants to attend a course at a time and date most beneficial to them.

On-Demand Courses

Our on-demand courses include a presentation and question and answer session with an industry expert. We also provide participants with a downloadable handout to follow along with the presentation. Whether you need to pause the video or would like to complete it at a later time, we give all participants a year to finish the course and pass the post test. 

In-Person Courses

Are you looking for a more traditional learning experience? We also offer opportunities for hands-on experience with in-person live CE courses. Our live CE classes combine elements such as videos and labs to allow you to practice your new skills while receiving real-time feedback from a specialist in your field. Bring an in-person course to your facility.

Relevant Continuing Education for Therapists, by Therapists

For next-level, lifelong learning, make Education Resources your preferred provider of continuing education courses.

ERI continuing education improves patient outcomes, advances careers, and builds community.

Our continuing education, in the classroom and online, features hands-on learning and evidence-based practice from inspiring, internationally renowned instructors.

CEU courses from ERI give you powerful, practical therapy techniques you can’t wait to try. Reference materials and educational resources you can rely on. And, best of all, the chance to connect with other dedicated therapy professionals in your community.

Since our founding over 30 years ago by therapists just like you, we have worked to earn our reputation for the highest quality continuing education through experience and excellence. Continuing studies costs are a significant investment in your patients and your career, so we ensure that our convenient, cost-effective, cuttingedge courses are always best in class.


Therapies in the School 25th Annual Conference

ERI is committed to renewing your passion for school-based therapy and providing you with tools and strategies you can use right away to improve learning outcomes for your students. 

Join us this year for the 25th Anniversary of Therapies in the Schools and be part of the ERI atmosphere that promotes therapists building connections, sharing ideas, and actively learning! 

• Live Webinar November 14th & 15th
• Earn up to 12 contact hours (1.2 CEUs)
• Group Rates + 1-Day Rates Available
• Packed with Actionable Interventions that Work for Your Students and You!

We’ve got some exciting things planned to celebrate this happy milestone made possible by so many of YOU returning to us year after year! 25th Anniversary Celebration – WIN PRIZES!

ON-DEMAND Birth to Three Conference!

NEW! If you missed the virtual Birth to Three Conference in April 2024, you can now access all the amazing sessions and speakers on-demand! Be the ultimate team player in YOUR birth to three setting by expanding your breadth of knowledge around topics that weren’t part of your graduate training but are prevalent in your day-to-day services. You’ll be better equipped to support more of your clients’ needs while also knowing when and how to make the right referrals.  

Our series options give you choices depending on your needs and interests. Purchase the full two-day option to cover all the important conference material, or choose Program A (Day 1) or Program B (Day 2) if you’re interested in certain topics. 

Newly Updated On-Demand Course: Pediatric Vestibular Therapy

ERI’s vestibular expert, Inger Brueckner, MS, PT, has released an updated edition of her popular course on Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation with more than 75 references from just the last five years:  Pediatric Vestibular Therapy: Young Children Through Adolescents – ON-DEMAND.

Brueckner’s vast vestibular experience combines with current research to offer updates on: POTS, autonomic dizziness, COVID, cerebral palsy, sensory neural hearing loss and more!

Learn at your convenience – Access to course for 1 year!

Register Today!

Working with Infants with Trach Tubes? You Need This Course

Are you working with babies who have tracheostomy tubes or looking to learn more about the topic? This course presented by Holly Schifsky teaches therapists the fundamentals of trachs in general but also how to work with the infant, progress them, and utilize resources to create better care for your tiny patients. 

Filled with extensive literature and research based information, this robust course will teach you treatment strategies that are evidence-based and readily implementable to your practice the next day. 

Coming up August 2, 2024 – registration is now open!



“I love your company! You are where I come for CEUs first every time.
I know I can count on the quality of the courses…and I won’t be

Online Survey Respondent

“I have always loved teaching for them, great company, really great communication, flexible, good number of students.They’re the real deal. Clinical, research-based, Reputable.”

Christina Finn, Newer Faculty (3 years); also part of a Facility Partner

“A well-oiled team, in terms of process and product. They understand the needs of the therapy clinicians out there. Everything is much easier and goes more smoothly with them, and we get more in return with them as the host facility as well.”

Judy and Sue, Children’s Specialized, Longtime Facility Partner (16+ years)

“Always look on ERI website for courses, as they are ALWAYS the highest quality!”

Lehanna Rook, OT, Sensory Integration course

“In 17 years, ……….. all details are worked out, everything is structured. They provide not just any space, but environments optimal for learning.”

Jeff Walter, Longtime Faculty Member (17 years)

“The course on paper can look good through other companies, but the course on paper is what you get with them. They’re definitely in the upper tier…. They’re the company I’ve used the longest.”

Jaime Smiley, Longtime Facility Partner, LifeWorks Rehab (10+ years)/Course Participant

“Wonderful course. Beautifully presented with data and research to back assessment and treatment techniques. Encourages clinicians to think critically about how and why they are treating, thus opening you up to new approaches. Amazing suggestions to support both feeding and communication/bonding.”

Alisa Fritchand, SLP, SOFFI course, Valhalla NY

I appreciate the quality of education that this company is providing to therapists. It is evident that Education Resources Inc. strives to offer the best experience possible to those of us who are not just interested in “earning credits.” They are providing courses that will allow us to harness new hands-on, research-based skills, which can truly assist with the healing process of our patients. Thank you for making this possible!

Patrick Murphy, PT

Thank you for these opportunities for continuing education. As I live in the UK, these virtual platforms allow me to stay up-to-date and participate in them; I would not otherwise have the ability to do so due to the costs of travel, accommodation, etc. This is a life-saver!!

Mary Lou Stilwell, PT, DPT, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

I am consistently happy with the courses I take through ERI. The content presented is clinically relevant and the presenters/educators provide the information in a way that makes it immediately applicable to my clinical practice. I feel that each course I’ve taken through ERI has influenced my practice positively to make me a more well-rounded professional.

Elizabeth E. PT