Host a CEU Course or Train Your Staff with ERI

Partner with Education Resources to host a continuing education course or live webinar. We can also create a staff training just for your team! We can help you showcase your facility, support your staff, and advance the quality of care.

Provide Your Staff with CEUs that Improve Outcomes and Inspire Your Team

ERI continuing education courses are developed for therapists, by therapists. Our training prioritizes evidence-based practice, group learning, hands-on instruction and meaningful connections between learners and instructors. We have earned a reputation for providing the highest quality of clinically relevant and evidence-based courses covering a wide variety of topics, including NICU, early Intervention, feeding, school-based therapy, pediatrics, acute care, vestibular,  and more. The tools and techniques our courses provide take your team to the next level, boost morale and improve patient outcomes, and remind therapists why they love what they do.

  • Choose a cost-effective way to fulfill CEU requirements
    ERI preferred partners can choose to host premium continuing education courses for physical therapists, occupational therapy and speech language pathologists CEU training, and more. Our internationally renowned instructors offer experiential learning on cutting-edge techniques, insight into the latest research, and real-world experience.
    Partnerships with ERI can offer you multiple opportunities for discounted pricing for your staff:

    • Private, in-service webinars, where the content is tailored to your needs and arranged at a date/time convenient for your staff.
    • Private, in-service in person trainings at your facility.
    • Promotional Partnership with ERI promoting individual webinars to your staff and the community 
    • Group pricing tailored for you to send your staff to webinars or online courses

ERIs Premier Partners include:

Texas Children’s’ Hospital – Houston, TX
PG Chambers School – Cedar Knolls NJ
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Atlanta, GA
Medstar National Rehabilitation Hospital – Washington, DC

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  • Let ERI take care of all the details
    ERI’s dedicated, responsive team handles all the logistical details with unparalleled customer service. ERI takes care of absolutely everything:

    • CEU application and approvals
    • Registration
    • Course materials
    • Faculty coordination
  • Bring renowned experts to your facility
    In Person or Virtually
    ERI faculty have hard-won reputations for innovation and results, have made meaningful contributions to their field, and stay ahead of all the latest research and best practices. They also have an authentic passion for education that will energize your team, and teach your employees skills they will use right away.

Wish to collaborate on custom staff trainings? Want to partner with ERI?
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We look forward to learning about your organization and helping you plan a course or professional development track for your staff development needs. Make an investment in the future that pays off in improved outcomes. 


In-House Customized Continuing Education to meet your Therapists’ Needs

adult learning in classroom continuing educationThe research is clear: engaged, educated therapists provide exceptional care. In-house training is a cost-effective option to train a group of staff at your own facility. You select the course, choose the dates times and format that are convenient for you, and tailor the content to address your specific clinical needs, continuing competency requirements and professional development goals.

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Partner with ERI to Host an In-Person Course or Live Webinar

ERI is well-known as one of the nation’s premier providers of CEUs for therapists. When you host an ERI course, we don’t just promote the seminar—we promote you. Your facility is advertised nationally as a destination for lifelong learning and is seen as advancing careers and quality healthcare. Prospective employees have an up-close and personal opportunity to experience your working environment. You don’t just fulfill CEU requirements—you get public relations and recruitment benefits, too!

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NEW! Online In-Service

Bring the convenience of an online in-service to your staff allowing remote team members or new hires to access evidence-based learning at a convenient time and place. Contact our Online Course Expert: Pamela Donnelly: 800-487-6530