Neuromuscular Facial Retraining: Successful Strategies for Challenging Cases - Live Webinar - Two Sessions

Gaye Cronin
February 23, 2024 8:40 AM - February 24, 2024LIVE WEBINAR

Live webinar for therapists. Complete both sessions for 9 contact hours (0.9 CEUs)
February 23 and 24, 2024
8:40 am EST • 7:40 am CT • 6:40 am MST • 5:40 am PT (US)

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Learn neuromuscular facial retraining therapy strategies and techniques for treating facial nerve disorders. Assessments of facial nerve grading scales, bilateral surface electromyography, video application assessments (APP), synkinesis and muscle tone will be presented. Learn treatments that affect a patient’s function, eyelid mobility/protection, perception, expression, speech, self-care, motor skills/tone, facial symmetry, self-image, and improve abnormal movement patterns and hemifacial spasm. Includes case studies and practice sessions.