Functionally Assessing and Treating Visual Processing, Visual Perception and Visual-Motor Deficits - LIVE WEBINAR - 3 SESSIONS

Melissa Gerber
September 16, 2024 - September 23, 2024LIVE WEBINAR

Live Webinar for Therapists. Complete all three sessions for 10 Contact Hours (1.0 CEUs)
September 16, 18 and 23, 2024
6:10 pm EST • 5:10pm CST • 4:10 pm MST • 3:10 pm PST (US)

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This engaging course dives into visual anatomy, assessment, and treatment for therapists in a wide range of settings (school-based, acute care, rehab, LTC facilities). Neurological insults such a stroke and TBIs can have a profound effect on visual skills, perception and processing. Additionally, 60-80% of children with learning disabilities have undiagnosed vision problems because vision is more than just visual acuity. As therapists, we may be the first to pick up on these deficits. Treatments, strategies, and tools to improve visual deficits will be stressed. Telehealth will be discussed with resources for coaching parents and caregivers.