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March 2020

Contemporary Thoughts on Treating the Child with Hypotonia
Course Faculty- Colleen Carey 

Concentrate on interventions to improve control and alignment of the trunk, pelvis, lower extremity, shoulder girdle, and upper extremity using the NDT Practice Model to treat the child with hypotonia. 
March 7, 2020 – March 8, 2020, San Antonio, TX

Treating the Cardiac Patient: Reaching Full Potential Safely
Course Faculty- Donna Frownfelter 
Learn to evaluate and treat the top four causes the cardiac patient is readmitted to the hospital: MI, CHF, Pneumonia, and COPD with central venous pressure issues.
March 14, 2020- March 15, 2020, Dallas, TX 


Contemporary NDT Treatment of the Baby and Young Child
Course Faculty – Suzanne Davis 
This practical and engaging course teaches participants strategies to maximize functional outcomes for children 0-3 years old 
March 20, 2020 – March 22, 2020, Pearland, TX 


April 2020

Treatment of Children with Sensory, Emotional and Motor
Challenges: Getting the Beat with Music, Rhythm and

Course Faculty – Lise Gerard-Faulise
This dynamic course elucidates the connection between the vestibular system, reflexes, and ocular motor skills with beats and rhythm. 
April 4, 2020 – April 5, 2020, Plano, TX 

Challenges and Solutions for Infants and Children with Complex Feeding and Swallowing Disorders
Course Faculty – Joan Arvedson
This engaging course teaches participants problem solving skills to treat children and infants who have complex feeding disorders
April 17, 2020 – April 18, 2020, Fort Worth, TX 


May 2020 

Ambulation, Activity, and AFOs: A Developmental Movement Systems Approach for Improving Ambulation
Course Faculty – Amanda Hall
 Learn a movement systems approach including hands-on skills such as mobilizations to promote adaptive relative flexibility.
May 1, 2020 – May 2, 2020, Dallas, TX

Is it Sensory? Or is it Behavior? Assessment and Intervention Tools for OTs, PTs, and SLPs
Course Faculty – Debra Dickson 
Participants will learn how to effectively communicate with teachers and caregivers, and create comprehensive treatment plans to be used in multiple domains of the child’s life.
May 2, 2020- May 3, 2020, Houston, TX 

Treating Balance and Preventing Falls in Neuro, Vestibular, Geriatric and Medically Complex Clients
Course Faculty – Kim Fox 
Engaging, hands-on labs will teach participants screening tools, balance/ocularmotor testing, vestibular screening, progressive balance exercises and safe falling techniques to minimize the risk of injury.
May 16, 2020- May 17, 2020, Denison, TX


Self Regulation and Mealtimes: An Integrative Approach to Difficult Feeding Challenges
Course Faculty – Susan Roberts
Participants will learn to find “just-right” self-regulation approaches, evaluate developmental readiness, plan sound nutritional food-chains, and use family-focused reduction of mealtime stress to improve feeding dynamics.
May 29, 2020- May 30, 2020, Pearland, TX 


June 2020 
Amputee Rehabilitation Across the Continuum of Care Using Evidence Based Practice
Course Faculty – Inger Brueckner
An essential course for therapists working with patients experiencing limb loss, this class will address the evaluation and treatment of limb loss due to diabetes, vascular disease, trauma, cancer, sepsis, and congenital limb difference
June 6, 2020- June 7, 2020 -Houston, TX 


Baby Steps: Building Ambulation Interventions for the Infants and Young Children with Posture and Movement Dysfunction
Course Faculty – Jan McElroy
Maximize time while treating infants and toddlers to incorporate early ambulation into natural routines and environments
June 12, 2020- June 14, 2020 – San Antonia, TX



Clinical Application of Pathophysiology in Managing Complex Patients
Course faculty – Archana Vatwani

Treating the high acuity and critically ill patient population can be overwhelming and challenging. Gain the knowledge required for effective clinical decision making to optimize patient outcomes. Opportunities to practice interpreting, applying and presenting recent research will be included. Case studies of the complex patient will help translate knowledge to clinical application.
June 13-14, 2020 – Dallas, TX


July 2020
TBI: Tools and Strategies to Promote Recovery for the Moderately-Severely Challenged
Course Faculty- Andrew Packel, Kimberly Miczak
Find the most effective evaluation, assessment, and treatment strategies to improve outcomes for individuals with moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries using the latest research to inform your clinical reasoning.
July 24, 2020- July 25, 2020- Fort Worth, TX 


Infants Born Preterm: Identifying and Addressing Their Special Needs in Early Infancy to Support Development
Course Faculty- Jan McElroy
Practitioners will refine treatment skills of infants born preterm through effective facilitation techniques to be used during functional activities.
August 14, 2020 – August 16, 2020 – Houston, TX 


Vestibular Rehabilitation: Evaluation and Treatment of Dizziness and Balance
Course Faculty – Jeffrey Walter
A lab format is used to teach in-depth bedside and office vestibular evaluation as well as practical treatment ideas for vestibular disorders
August 15, 2020- August 16, 2020 – San Antonio,TX


Motor Issues in Autism
Course Faculty – Anne Buckley Reen
Using evidence-based research, participants will learn how to engage children with ASD and treat fine motor, gross motor, and oral motor challenges
August 22, 2020 – August 23, 2020 – Houston, TX



Pediatric NDT: Treatment Intensive
Course Faculty – Debbie Evans-Rogers
This engaging, hands-on course improves therapists’ assessment and treatment skills through NDT intervention strategies to reach functional goals. Handling techniques, case studies, and movements labs will keep participants fully engaged and constantly learning how they can better treat their clients.
August 22-23, 2020 – Dallas, TX


September 2020 

Torticollis and Plagiocephaly: Assessment and Treatment of Infants and Children Impact on the Movement System of Infants and Beyond
Course Faculty- Cindy Miles
Learn effective strategies including designing home exercise programs, infant positioning, manual techniques, and taping to understanding helmet criteria.
September 11, 2020- September 12, 2020- Fort Worth, TX 




Treatment of Motor Issues in Children with Sensory Dysfunction
Course Faculty- Liesa Persaud
Gain practical “Sensory-Aware”* tools to treat children with both underlying gross motor and sensory dysfunction.
September 25, 2020-September 26, 2020- Dallas, TX





ICU and Acute Care: From Early Mobilization to Discharge Decisions
Course Faculty- Chris Wells
The focus of this course will be on critical decision making through case analysis and hands-on learning to determine medical stability and exercise tolerance in complex patients suffering from the common iatrogenic effects of the hospital.
October 10, 2020-October 11, 2020- San Antonio,TX


Myofascial Release and Its Application to Neuro-Developmental Treatment
Course Faculty- Gail Ritchie 
This relevant course provides participants with concrete knowledge of myofascial release to be used before facilitation of movement in order to treat adults and children with central nervous system dysfunctions. 
October 16, 2020-October 17, 2020- San Antonio, TX 


November 2020

Baby Beats and Breaths:  Therapeutic Interventions for the Premature Infant with Cardiopulmonary Compromise
Course Faculty- Holly Schifsky
This dynamic intermediate-advanced course will elucidate the cardiopulmonary implications for the premature or medically-complex infant as related to physiological stability, evolving motor control, sensory stability, and transition to oral motor skills that support feeding.
November 7, 2020- November 8,2020-Houston,TX

Functional Strengthening and Fitness Interventions for Children with Developmental Disabilities
Course Faculty- Maria Fragala-Pinkham, Maggie O’Neil
Participants will observe and practice measurement and intervention techniques during demonstration sessions and case studies 
November 14, 2020-November 15, 2020- Houston, TX 


December 2020

Assessment and Treatment of Complex Feeding Disorders: Assessing and Treating The Whole Child
Course Faculty- Mary Tarbell- Bickley 
Clinicians will learn the necessary components of a comprehensive evaluation and treatment of feeding problems
December 4, 2020- December 5, 2020- Cedar Park, TX


Assessment and Treatment of Children with Oral Motor, Feeding/Swallowing and Respiratory Function Challenges: Children with Neuromuscular Involvement
Course Faculty- Rona Alexander
This engaging course delivers a wealth of information on assessment and treatments that focus on the trunk, respiration, swallowing skills, and oral motor functioning
December 4, 2020-December 5, 2020- Dallas, TX 


Praxis: Evaluation and Treatment of the Clumsy Child
Course Faculty-Barbara Connolly
Understand underlying etiologies (developmental coordination disorder) and learn updated concepts of motor control and motor learning in order to effectively assess and treat the “clumsy” child. 
December 4, 2020- December 5, 2020- Pearland, TX 


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