Therapist seeks your help and advice for patient with severe ASD

Jennifer Posts:

DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Hi everyone. I’m having a hard time with a patient I’m working with and would like some advice/tips please. I’m working with a 12 y/o female dx with severe ASD. She is almost completely nonverbal with the exception of “yes”, “go”, and basic animals. She is a very tall and strong girl that can easily over power me. The problem is she becomes very aggressive, increasing verbal stims, and begins hitting herself and others. She is very difficult to calm. I have identified many of the cues she gives before becoming aggressive and have identified some causes including bright lights we now work in a dimly lit treatment room with minimal natural light, and have changed the tx time to the early afternoon at a less busy time in the clinic. We have tried vestibular, deep pressure, vibration, etc. Do you have any other calming techniques that I haven’t tried yet? Thank you!