Attention OTs: Special Offers for ERI’s Online Continuing Education Courses

With the cancellation of this year’s AOTA Conference in Boston, we know that many Occupational Therapists are concerned with earning CEUs and continuing their education. At ERI, we are therapists too and know the importance of learning new techniques and improving your practice. And while times may be uncertain, one thing the OT community can always count on is ERI’s commitment to you and your education.

 ERI Online Courses

ERI’s online courses are filmed “live” at an ERI conference and edited into shortened lessons for optimal learning experiences. Participants will feel like they are in the classroom as fellow therapists participate in Q&A sessions and prompted on how to participate in labs. Downloadable handouts are included with registration. Participants have access to the course and downloadable handouts for an entire year. Register for these Exceptional Online Course Series. 

THERAPIES IN THE SCHOOL ONLINE SERIES – Each individual series now offered at $499 

NEW! Torticollis: Assessment and Treatment of Infants and Children – $299
Instructor: Cindy Miles, PT, PhD, PCS, NDT
13.5 CEUs

  • Etiology and Implications for Development
  • Anatomy of Torticollis, its Effect on the Whole Child, and Differential Diagnosis
  • Motor Development and Assessment Tools
  • Treatment: Creative Stretching, Strengthening, and Functional Play
  • Indications for Kinesiotaping, Mobilizations, and Surgery: Clinical Decision Making and Community Education

Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation Online Series – $309
Instructor: Richard Clendaniel, PT, Ph.D,
11 CEUs

  • Advanced BPPV
  • Cervicogenic Dizziness
  • What to do when It’s Not BPPV

Acute and Critical Care Therapy Online Series  – $309 CURRENT PRICE $209
Instructor: Steve Sadowsky
12 CEUs

  • Clinical Decision Making In Acute Care
  • Lines, tubes, Ventilators and Diagnostic Screening for Stability vs Instability .
  • Auscultation LAB
  • Clinical Physiological Monitoring
  • Acute Care and ICU Pharmacology 

Pediatric Toe Walking Series – $229
Instructor: Liesa Persaud PT, DPT, PCS, CKTP
7 CEUs

  • Utilizing the ACT (Assessment Criteria for Toe Walking) and Footwear Modification to Improve Outcomes
  • The Role of Vision and Reflexes
  • Red Flags for Referral and Intervention Strategies

Post-Concussion Syndrome: A Four Part Series – $299
Instructor: Christina Finn Ed.D
9.5 CEUs
This dynamic series will help clinicians apply the latest research on diagnosis and management of concussion and post-concussion syndrome. Focus is on the latest relevant assessment and treatment strategies for adults and children with prolonged visual, vestibular and sensory complaints as a result of concussion. Clinicians will learn effective treatment strategies to improve visual skills, balance and sensory integration for optimal return to school, work, and sports.

Vestibular Therapy for the School-Aged Child and Adolescent Online Series – $309
Instructor: Inger Brueckner MS, PT
13.5 CEUs
Understanding the Unique Aspects of the Vestibular System in Children and Adolescents
Pathophysiology of Vestibular Systems in Children
Pediatric Vestibular Screening and Assessment: Evaluation and Testing
Treatment Techniques for the Child with Vestibular Symptoms (inc. LAB) 

For 30 years, ERI has supported therapists and we will continue to do so through these uncertain times. For more information contact ERI at or 800-487-6530.