Corrected Information from Erin Ross – Picky Eaters Course in Nebraska

FROM: Faculty Member Erin Ross

TO: Participants of Picky Eaters vs Problem Feeders Course – June Nebraska

Dear Course Participants,

I erroneously stated that the CDC charts have been updated with the World Health Organization charts.  Please remember that the growth of breastfed infants is quite different than that of formula-fed infants.  I was incorrect.  The CDC has recommended that everyone use the WHO growth charts for Birth-2 years of age, for all infants (breast and formula-fed).  However, the CDC charts were not updated.  Here is a link for more information, and to access the growth charts. 

I also want to emphasis one more point.  I stated that we all should be aware of the growth charts for children in our practice.  However, please remember that the INTERPRETATION of the growth patterns/chart is critical, and the physician and dietitian are the resources for understanding the growth pattern.  I would encourage all of us to advocate for our children to get ongoing dietitian consultations, and for us to partner with dietitians to provide the best care for our patients.   

I appreciate all of the questions we received at this conference, and apologize that we did not have time to answer all questions submitted.  Please feel free to contact me here with any questions that were not answered during the conference – I will happily do my best to answer them here or via email.  

Thank you for attending our conference – Erin  

We are thrilled to announce that we are adding a NEW DATE for this popular conference:

January 15-18, 2015 – Johnston IOWA

We would like to recommend that you register early as this course always reaches capacity.