Therapies in the School Online Conference 7

Susan Cecere, Kim Wiggins, Kimberly Wynarczuk, Suzanne Davis, Liliane Savard, Colleen Whiting, Angela Sterling-Orth
July 15, 2024 - Venue TBD

Nine engaging, motivating, and highly informative sessions to invigorate your practice and provide school-based tools to foster growth in your students. Sessions range from addressing motor and sensory pathways, core strengthening, participation-based goals, video self-modeling, collaborating, treating severely involved children, push-in services, iPad apps, to best practices for the new school-based practitioner.
Purchase the complete Therapies in the School Online Conference 7 series and receive “Supporting Students with Sensory Processing Challenges in the Schools: Using the STAR Frame of Reference” at no cost to earn an additional 1.5 Contact Hours (.15 CEUs).