Please help! PT with a Difficult Torticollis Case, Needs Some Advice.


DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Posting from Brandy

Hello all, I need help!
I have a baby (pt) with torticollis. She has been treated for several months. The baby also had GI issues, found out she has allergies, etc. She is extremely irritable and doesn’t calm easily. She switches sides for her tilt often. I referred her to a neurologist and craniosacral therapist/chiropractor for benign paroxysmal torticollis of infancy. Obviously no one has heard of this. The mom (due to financial concerns) ended up leaving here and cont. on with EI, but cont. to call and keep me updated and bounce ideas off of me. I also referred the pt. to a pedi/neuro opthamologist who states vision is normal. The opthamologist is referring the pt. to a HEENT for inner ear issues. I have run out of reasons/ideas why this pt. cont. to have torticollis and switch sides. Any other ideas for this poor mom? The baby is probably about 8 months now.

Please post your comments below to help Brandy.

Thank you