ERI Celebrates Occupational Therapy Month!

April is Occupational Therapy Month 

While we think OTs and OTAs deserve gratitude year-round, we love shining a special spotlight on occupational therapists during the month of April. This profession works tirelessly to help restore or improve the ability of patients across the lifespan, and works in a variety of settings including hospitals, schools and outpatient clinics. 

During OT Month, ERI is excited to highlight the vitally important work of OTs and OTAs. With over 200,000 occupational therapists in this country, this profession continues to impact the lives of people by enabling them to participate in the activities of everyday life. THANK YOU for all you do!

Meeting Your Specific OT Needs

Occupational therapists strive to help patients conquer their goals, and experience a life without limitations. ERI wants to honor that hard work by providing OTs with the tools and education they need in order to enable their patients to live their lives to the fullest. 

Whether you’re just starting out in your career as an OT, or you’re a seasoned veteran, ERI provides a range of professional development resources to help you create fuller lives for your patients and their families. By investing in a CEU course—either on-demand, in-person or live webinar—you can expect to expand your skill set and learn techniques to better support patients and their specific needs. 

Celebrating All Month Long…

Follow us as we continue to celebrate OTs all month long. We’ll be running a special OT promotion, feature our OT faculty members, and continue to spread the word of this profession’s value and how it changes lives. Stay tuned for more!


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