ERI Offers FREE Webinar “Integrating Trauma-Informed Treatment Strategies” to School-Based Therapists

School-based therapists have navigated an extremely challenging year as COVID-19 abruptly changed the way therapists treat and support their students, whether remote or in-person. Here at ERI, we know first-hand the instrumental roles that school-based therapists play within a students’ daily life and are dedicated to arming them with the information they need to treat and care for the most vulnerable populations within our schools. 

ERI is happy to offer support to all valued school-based therapists by providing the online course Integrating Trauma-Informed Treatment Strategies into your School-Based Practice at no cost through March 26, 2021.

This session, recorded live at ERI’s popular Therapies in the School Conference 2020, will highlight current, trauma-informed treatment practices for professionals working with children and youth in the schools, either remote or in-person, considering the COVID-19 pandemic context. Participants will be empowered to implement trauma-informed strategies with all students, in multi-tiered interventions, across times of remote instruction or in-person sessions. 

Taught by acclaimed faculty member Emily Zeman Eddy, MS, OTD, OTR/L, a school-based and outpatient-based therapist specializing in trauma-informed home programming and self-management for the client and family, this web-based course is easily accessible from any computer and appropriate for all school-based therapists.

Register now for “Integrating Trauma-Informed Treatment Strategies into your School-Based Practice” and use promo code SUPPORT2021 at checkout to receive this course at no cost. Valid until March 26, 2021. Limited availability.

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