ERI Partners with NTCB to Sponsor Neonatal Therapist Scholarship

Neonatal Therapy Certification Board CNT Scholarship

This year, the Neonatal Therapy Certification Board (NTCB) is launching a scholarship program exclusively for Certified Neonatal Therapist™ applicants from World Bank-designated lower-income countries who may lack the means to pursue the CNT certification. ERI is proud to partner with the NTCB to help sponsor these aspiring neonatal therapists with the opportunity to pursue their CNT credential. 

This sponsorship will help to cover the cost of certification, enabling these dedicated individuals to demonstrate their expertise in the NICU. With over 900 CNTs worldwide, ERI believes that these passionate and deserving therapists should have the same opportunity to advance their neonatal expertise, creating a lasting impact in the lives of preterm and medically fragile infants across the globe. 

What is the Role of the NTCB?

The NTCB, composed of experienced occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech-language pathologists from neonatal intensive care units worldwide, was established in 2014. Their mission is to provide certification to neonatal therapists who demonstrate the time, knowledge, and commitment required to serve high-risk infants in the NICU. The CNT credential, awarded since 2017, signifies excellence and validates a neonatal therapist’s appropriate education, experience, and expertise through a rigorous evidence-based examination.

Is a CNT Certification Right for You?

Learn more about the process and benefits of obtaining a CNT credential to elevate your profession. If this is a path you choose to explore, don’t forget that ERI offers a variety of NICU related educational content to help you achieve the required number of CEU hours needed to fulfill your certification (along with other necessary requirements). Whether you’re an OT, PT or SLP, our distinguished faculty offer a robust selection of learning opportunities geared toward neonatal therapists that will expand your skills and knowledge, all while earning your CEUs. 

Questions? Reach out to our office at 800-487-6530 or email for more information on continuous learning through ERI.