ERI’s New, Live Webinars for 2022

ERI is excited to add five NEW courses in 2022 to our schedule of exceptional live webinars!

These web-based courses are taught by experienced, internationally recognized clinicians and include live Q&A sessions, hands-on applications, video analysis and problem-solving, allowing participants to connect directly with experts in their field and earn continuing education credits – all from the comfort of home. The new courses are listed below and include a link for more information and to register.

Premature and Medically Complex Neonates: Applying Critical thinking to Support Long-Term Outcomes
Kati Knudsen, PT Premature and Medically Complex Neonates: Applying Critical Thinking to Support Long-term Outcomes
A two-day live webinar, learn strategies and tools to support infants with extreme prematurity, complex neurological diagnoses and in utero substance exposure using advanced problem-solving techniques.
February, May, August and November, 2022

Motor Learning:  Tools to Enhance Academic Skills Through Movement
Josephine Bardabelias, PT
A three-day live webinar, learn innovative ways to integrate
movement with learning while concentrating on developmental
and functional skills.
February, May, August and November, 2022

ASD: Improving Motor and Speech/Language Outcomes for Function
Bethanne Mazurczak MS, CCC-SLP, C/NDT
Leslie Paparsenos PT, MS, C/NDT
A three-day live webinar focused on multidisciplinary and discipline specific assessment and treatment strategies based on the NeuroDevelopmental Treatment-Contemporary Practice Model (NDT-CPM) for children with ASD.
April, August and December, 2022

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD):
Evaluation and Treatment Tools

Dr. Melissa Gerber, OTD, OTR/L
A one-day live webinar, learn to help children/students with Developmental Coordination Disorders (DCD) achieve optimal outcomes using evidence-based assessment and treatment tools and strategies.
April, September and November, 2022

Online registration coming soon: A Sensory Motor Approach to Adapted Led Weaning
Lori Overland MS CCC-SLP, C/NDT, CLC, FOM
A two-day live webinar, learn the Adapted Baby-Led Weaning approach (ABLW), a child-directed and responsive feeding approach for babies with feeding challenges ranging from motoric limitations and atypical oral motor skills to feeding aversion.
October, 2022

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