Faculty Highlight During OT Month

Meet Our OT Faculty!

In honor of OT month, ERI will be highlighting our amazing OT faculty throughout April. First up for this month, we’re shining a light on two faculty members: Anne Buckley-Reen and Janine Wiskind

 Anne Buckley-Reen has been with ERI since 2005. She has been a practicing pediatric therapist for 30+ years and a pioneer in the use of yoga as a therapeutic modality for the past 16 years. Her work with yoga has been researched, published and cited in numerous journal articles and is the foundation for a researched preparatory program widely used in NYC schools special needs classrooms.

Anne’s most recent course with ERI is entitled Motor Issues in Autism and teaches therapists how to more effectively expand engagement in clients with ASD while answering questions about self-stimulatory behaviors, preservation, and reactive or self-directed behaviors. This course is scheduled for the following dates and registration is now open:


Janine Wiskind Janine Wiskind has been teaching as an ERI faculty member for the past 11 years. As a pediatric occupational therapist, beginning her career in brain injury, Janine cultivated her specific concentration in vision, which has, in turn, led her to specialize in primitive reflex integration. Working for inpatient rehab, outpatient, home health, the school system, and now within her own clinic has provided Janine with an extensive opportunity to work with a variety of pediatric populations and has led to her diverse array of expertise. 

Janine’s most recent course with ERI is entitled Primitive Reflexes: Strategies to Promote Integration – Strengthening Foundational Skills and teaches therapists how to effectively evaluate primitive reflexes and utilize a functional and play-based approach to primitive reflex integration. This course is scheduled for the following dates and registration is now open:


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ERI thanks the OT community for everything they do