Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – How Early Intervention Can Help

Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome often present with sensory or motor issues from infancy.

Education Resources  Inc offers this 3 day live, hands-on course:
“Contemporary NDT Treatment of the Baby and Young Child”
Suzanne Davis Bombria, PT, C/NDT
which will teach you to identify these sensory-motor issues, analyze function, and develop treatment strategies for the infant and toddler.

Jan Mc Elroy, PhD, PT, PCS, C/NDT similarly presents a three day, live, hands-on course which focuses on infants who are born preterm and who may present with global developmental delay. You will learn to identify and treat insufficient and atypical movement components seen in infancy that can interfere with the development of functional activities and the development of coordination. This course covers the respiratory, visual, medical and physical challenges to effectively formulate treatment techniques to meet the needs of these infants.

Infants Born Preterm: Identifying and Addressing Their Special Needs in Early Infancy to Support Development

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Therapy helps a child with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – September 25. 2017

“………..therapists lately have seen more mothers using both alcohol and other substances in pregnancy. Treating drug-addicted babies has gotten a lot of attention, …..but the word about alcohol exposure isn’t getting out”.

“Early intervention can help with sleep disturbances, not gaining weight and feeding problems, and age-related typical milestones, such as crawling, walking and using the early sounds of language”.

“An occupational therapist can help the family overcome sensory-processing disorders………..They have a hypersensitivity to sound, to light, to touch, taste, smells.” 

“Although the brain is still developing up to the age of 25,………….much can be done before the age of 3”.

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