Free CE course for Adult Rehab and Geriatric Therapists

Our blog has been up and running for almost a year now……… where did that go???

Our blog has been very successful building a strong pediatric therapy community, and Acute Care community. We would like now to do the same for our Adult Rehab and Geriatric therapists, building a community that will serve you well, a place for you to share your ideas, challenges, solutions and to learn therapy tips from others. We would also like to be able offer a post course discussion for our acute care therapists, building on this new community.

We are offering you the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for a free CE course.
All you need to do is submit a blog entry which can be:
1. a clinical issue that you are seeking opinions about. 
2. a case problem relating to the field that you are struggling with. 
3. a therapy tip that you would like to share.
4. a professional practice issue 

The post can be of any length (up to 500 words) and photos and videos are great, as long as you have obtained written permission.

We will enter the first 30 blogs in a drawing for a free ERI course
Deadline for entry is May 10th 2013 – winner to be announced before the end of May

Please Post your entry here or visit our blog page and click on “Post Your Blog Here”, or email me;

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and sharing them with our ERI community.