Have a Seat!


Kathryn Biel

This is me, asking for help. You know when you have your favorite shade of lipstick or hair color, only to find out it’s been discontinued the next time you go to buy it? I’m there.

I knew it happened. Rifton stopped making their Toddler and Compass chairs. I knew it. But because their products are so durable, it didn’t bother me until now. I need a chair or two. Really, I need the Compass chair, but could make the Toddler work as well. While I love the Rifton Activity chair, it’s too much. I have some friends who simply need a heavier chair. One with a back and arms to define space. To give a little guidance as to where one should maintain his or her body.

I’ve been combing the internet looking for something comparable. It’s not going well. So, I’m turning this out to you (because I know I’m not the only one in this boat right now).

What chairs are you using now in place of the Rifton Compass and Toddler Chairs?

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated!

~Kathryn Biel, PT, DPT