Therapist Looking for Help for Baby with Torticollis

Post from Brandy:


Hi! I was hoping to get some other professional’s input on my torticollis baby that I am seeing now. This baby came in initially as a right sided torticollis, came in for the 3rd session with head tilted to L. I thought to myself “oh great, mom is doing A LOT of stretching and may have overstretched.” Yet upon conversation with mom, she states that this baby has switched sides before. We went through several of her pictures and sure enough she switches sides. Right side moreso than left. The baby has decent head control, head up to almost 90 in prone and holds vertical in supported sitting. The baby was born at 36 weeks (is 6 months now) and did have some minor complications at birth. I only can think of 3 reasons why this baby is switching sides: benign paroxysmal torticollis of infancy (although these babies tend to be fussy and my pt. is not!), ocular lesions, or reflux/sandifer syndrome. I have discussed this with the MD whom is getting a neuro eval. Any other ideas? Please help. The mom is very compliant with HEP, baby is rarely in a car seat or positioning device, does her HEP. I should note that this baby does have some abnormally increased tone and prefers extension, still has jittery movements of extremities. Otherwise appears and seems socially normal. Thanks!!