How Much Should PT, OT and Speech Therapy Cost our Patients?

As PTs, OTs and Speech language pathologists we know how detrimental to our patients’ health it can be when they don’t receive the appropriate amount of therapy and care. But for many of our patients this has become the norm as co-pays have skyrocketed to 80 – 85% of the cost of the visit.  

While many of our patients can’t afford to go without therapy, it’s become a truth that many patients simply can’t afford the prescribed amount of therapy. We hear the struggles everyday. “I just can’t afford it,” “My insurance doesn’t cover it,” and so on. As therapists this can be very frustrating. We are trained to help, yet our hands are tied.

However, there may be some good news on the horizon. According to a recent article in Kaiser Health News, States are hearing our pleas for proper insurance coverage for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. Therapists are backing proposals in several states to limit the amount an insurer can require patients to pay for therapy. New York, Pennsylvania, and Missouri have pending proposals currently and lawmakers in South Dakota and Kentucky have already passed these measures. 

While insurance companies worry that these regulations may ultimately increase premiums, as therapists we believe that it may stave off the need for surgeries and further prescription drug treatments potentially reducing overall health costs. 

Are you experiencing the same problems in your practice with patients’ inability to afford treatment? Has this affected the viability of your practice?

Read the full article, “States Consider Limiting Patient Costs for Physical, Speech, Occupational Therapy” and let us know your thoughts!