PT looking for Suggestions for IEP Goal Writing for the Autistic Population

Kristen, PT, Posts:

DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I am a school related PT working with kids in cyber school setting. I worked in the school setting following college for several years and then took another several years off while raising my 3 children. Going back to work in this new setting is challenging in many ways. First of all I am the only PT employed by this center and lack a professional peer group. I happened upon this website looking for suggestions for goal writing with children that are not in the traditional school setting but are young (5-8) and would have difficulties in a traditional school setting. For example, the children don’t have access in their current educational environment to heavy doors, stairwells, playground equipment, etc., but I feel as if they should be prepared in the event that they do attend a traditional school in the future. I am also curious about writing goals for children with autism who lack motivation to participate in many gross motor activities such as ball skills. Is it appropriate to work in these areas? Consistent performance of skills is difficult with behavior issues therefore traditional goal writing methods I previously used are complicated. Many of my clients have autism and this is new compared to the large percentage of children with cerebral palsy that I commonly treated in the past. Any related information or suggestions you could share or links to IEP goal writing for the autistic population would be helpful. I am really excited to have found this website!!!