International Neonatal Therapy Week – Celebrating all Neonatal Therapists! SAVE with ERI!

baby in blue knitted hat on top of a white blanketSeptember 18-24 2022 is International Neonatal Therapy week! 

Started many years ago by National Association of Neonatal Therapists (NANT) this week honors occupational therapists (OTs), physical therapists (PTs) and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who specialize in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Thank you to this group of highly professional, passionate, and driven group of caregivers who dedicate their time to the smallest of patients resulting in a lifetime of positive change

At ERI, professional partners with NANT, we know that neonatal therapists have an emotional connection to their profession and are always looking for ways to improve upon their practice. To help these therapists meet their professional goals, we offer exceptional neonatal continuing education courses taught by renowned faculty.

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If you have an ERI profile and check off NICU as one of your specialties you will receive this special offer in your inbox!

Our courses teach the latest techniques and treatments that can be immediately applied to practice helping therapists improve outcomes in the NICU and beyond. The CEU hours from our evidence-based NICU courses count toward the required 40 hours of education for certification offered by the Neonatal Therapy National Certification Board (NTNCB).

If you’re a neonatal therapist looking to grow your career and improve outcomes, register for one of our life-changing neonatal courses which will remind you why you became a therapist and why you love what you do.  

We offer a comprehensive selection of live courses and webinars:
Continuing Education Courses for Neonatal Therapists

And use our advanced search feature, to search by date, speaker, topic to find an upcoming course. New speakers, topics and dates are continually being added to meet your needs.