Learn to Develop Goals and Meaningful Participation for In-Person, Online and Hybrid School Models

Join Dr. Kimberly Wynarczuk for a three-part LIVE webinar and take your school-based practice to the next level!

Like many things, how students attend school and how we as therapists provide services may look very different these days. Developing and applying new techniques to support our students and ensure they actively and meaningfully participate in their education and routines is a challenge facing many school-based practitioners.

To help address these concerns, ERI is partnering with Kimberly Wynarczuk, PT, DPT, PhD, MPH, to offer the NEW and timely live webinar “Developing and Using Goals for Students’ Meaningful Participation In School Whether In-Person, Online or Hybrid.”

Dr. Wynarczuk, who serves as the School-Based Special Interest Group representative to the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Research Committee is an expert in her field and served as the keynote speaker at ERI’s annual Therapies in the School Conference in November, 2020. She has conducted, published and presented considerable research on a variety of school-based physical therapy topics, including goal development and the participation of students with disabilities in school trips.

In this NEW webinar, Dr. Wynarczuk will teach participants to assess and develop student goals that intentionally focus on student participation in all learning models, explore strategies to promote effective teaming and meaningful involvement of parents and students during IEP development, and techniques to engage and enrich students’ school experience.

The three-part webinar takes place March 31, April 7 and 14, 2021 beginning at 6:30 pm EST (US). Don’t miss this must take course for school-based therapists. Click HERE to register or for more information including course brochure and CEU details.