Introducing New Speaker: PT Mary Ann Sharkey

Mary Ann Sharkey[/caption]

We are very excited to have distinguished speaker, Mary Ann Sharkey join our faculty.

Mary Ann Sharkey, PhD, MS, PT, C/NDT was named the 2011 Distinguished Educator by the American Physical Therapy Association, Education Section. She has presented preconferences most recently at the past two Combined Sections Meetings for the APTA. She has a doctoral degree in anatomy with a specialty in neuroscience and a master’s in allied health education. She has treated from the neonatal intensive care unit to older children with neurological involvement and been employed in diverse geographical settings from Ohio, California, South Carolina, New Mexico, Washington and most recently North Carolina. She has taught in physical therapy programs and taught in NDT courses and conferences. Her diverse experience has lead her
to believe that we need to be inclusive of numerous strategies to treat children. The strategies used are all related and dependent on the diagnosis of the impairment inhibiting the child’s functional limitation. This clinical expertise is highlighted by her passion for neuroscience and its implications for intervention and her critical review of evidence as it relates to therapy.  

She is teaching:
The Child’s Developing Brain: Emerging Neuroscience and its Therapeutic Implications