New Continuing Education Course for Therapists on Movement Based Learning Needs a Title – Help!

We are excited to share that June Smith, supervisor of OT services at Cardinal Cushing Centers and occupational therapist at South Shore Therapies, is coming on board to teach a new workshop this fall. Some of you may have attended her “Integrating Movement-Based Learning into the Classroom and Therapy” breakout session during 2012’s Therapies in the School. Thanks to your helpful feedback, we learned that there is great interest in participating in a two-day workshop on this topic. Her new course will focus on an expansive variety of movement-based techniques, and the evidence supporting use of these techniques, to help children enhance gross and fine motor skills in the classroom and in therapy. Some of the many techniques you will be able to immediately apply in your practice setting include Brain Gym, Bal-A-Vis, and Occular-Motor and Listening strategies. 

We are working with June on developing the course now, and we need your help in deciding on a good title for this new workshop. We would be grateful for any ideas you may have for the title of this new course, as well as any techniques you are eager to learn. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Vote for one of these titles or suggest your own: 

  • Learning Moves that make a difference- An Evidence-based Approach .
  • Brain Moves
  • Therapeutic Learning Connection
  • Integrating Movement-Based Learning into the Classroom and Therapy 

Please post your thoughts and suggestions below 
Thank you