NEW COURSE: Brain Injury Rehabilitation (TBI and Post Concussion Syndrome)

We are excited to welcome Shari Woelke to our faculty. 

Shari is an occupational therapist and sole proprietor of Woelke Occupational Therapy (WOT) based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  Her practice experience has spanned inpatient, community and clinic settings with a career-long emphasis on neurological disorders.  She now primarily targets brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder (largely military), learning and emotional disorders. Woelke Occupational Therapy provides biofeedback, activation, mental health and cognitive rehabilitation support, with heavy emphasis on current neurophysiological research and its application to rehabilitation.

Don’t miss her dynamic new course coming up in December.

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This course will review current evidence in brain injury rehabilitation; building from the neurophysiological impact of brain injury to the development of an evidence-based ‘framework or intervention’ that is applicable across ages and contexts.  Strategies and techniques to address specific symptoms will be reviewed; including the process of customization to the client’s specific needs.  The course will close with a discussion of emerging trends and technology in neurological intervention.

At the end of this course the participant will be able to:

  • Identify neurophysiological correlates of symptoms post brain injury.
  • Identify symptoms, functional implications and strategy options that may be customized to client need.
  • Learn to apply a ‘framework of intervention’ that may be used across age spans and symptom severity.
  • Implement and adapt context-specific functional strategies to the client’s symptom and environmental demands.

Being offered in:

Minneapolis, MN – December 5-6, 2015

Richmond, VA – December 11-12, 2015

Please click here for full course details, to download a brochure and to register.