New Faculty Member Presenting New NICU Course

We are thrilled to be offering a new evidence-based NICU CEU course coming to Louisianna and California in November

Intervention in the NICU: A Neurodevelopmental Approach
Theory  • Assessment • Application • Evidence Based Practice

This course is designed to provide participants with evidence based research that will contribute to their development and implementation of best practices of therapeutic intervention programs within a NICU environment. This course is designed to provide the therapist currently practicing within a NICU setting the knowledge base to apply evidence based assessment, application and intervention services. 

[caption id="attachment_2058" align="alignleft" width="150"]Bertie Gatlin Bertie Gatlin[/caption]

Taught by Roberta “Bertie” Gatlin PT, ScDPT, PCS who graduated from University of Memphis with a BS in Special Education and from the University of Tennessee with a BS in Physical Therapy. She completed her Doctorate of Science in Physical Therapy and received her Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialty. Her experience draws from over 25 years of pediatric work within the NICU and 0-3 year population. She is currently Assistant Professor at UTHSC College of Health Professions in Memphis, TN. Bertie currently provides clinical care for two metropolitan NICUs and PT services for the University Therapists outpatient department. Her research focus is on the late preterm infant and their risk for developmental delay. She currently holds the chair position of the Memphis district TPTA, Tennessee State Representative for Section on Pediatrics for the APTA and vice-chair position for the NICU specialty interest group.  

Please click here for full course details, to download a brochure and to register for the course