NEW! In-Person Course in Washington, DC with Presenter Amanda Hall

Ambulation, Activity, and AFOs 2: Advanced Hands-On Course in Washington, DC

Amanda Hall, PT, MPT, PCS, has developed a framework for pediatric and neuro intervention including casting and orthotic design based on developmental kinesiopathology, differential diagnosis, manual therapy, and alignment for therapeutic gait.

She has presented internationally and given dozens of lectures, and has even caught the eye of mainstream media. Dubbed the “Madcaster”, Hall has been featured in MTV, UsWeekly, NBC and ABC, and will soon be sharing the stage as the primary speaker with Mary Massery at APTA Combined Sections Meeting at the end of February. 

On March 11 and 12, 2023, Hall will be presenting, Ambulation, Activity and AFOs 2: Advanced Hands-On Course, an in-person course in Washington, DC, that will focus on evaluation and treatment of the foot and ankle to improve gait and function for patients with pediatric, neurologic, and orthopedic health conditions.

During this intensive course, multiple labs will include the latest evidence-based interventions to improve foot and ankle function for individuals across the movement spectrum. This includes joint and soft tissue mobilizations, improving strength and motor control of the “foot core”, and addressing pain. Participants will also learn hands-on skills for orthotic design as well as foot/ankle taping techniques.

Who should take this course?

This course is for those who have taken Amanda Hall’s Ambulation, Activity, and AFOs: Addressing the Ankle to Improve Gait and Function, either online or in-person, OR with other prior experience or training for foot/ankle and ankle-foot-orthotics.

Registration is now open! Complete both days for 14 contact hours (1.4 CEUs). Please reach out to ERI with any questions at or call 800-487-6530.