NEW Online Course Series “Vestibular Rehabilitation: Treatment Intensive” with Master Clinician Gaye Cronin

During this time of social distancing, ERI is continuously looking for new ways to bring learning to you. We are pleased to now offer the NEW online course series “Vestibular Rehabilitation: Treatment Intensive” with master clinician Gaye Cronin. Filmed at Gaye’s recent in-person continuing education seminar, participants will learn to recognize, access, and treat children, adults, and the elderly suffering from balance and vestibular disorders.

This interactive course uses lab sessions and offers exercises that teach PTs, OTs, and other healthcare workers to:

  • Develop problem-solving skills and appropriate treatment planning for patients with vestibular disorders
  • Identify precautions
  • Recognize and develop exercise programs for vestibular ocular and vestibular spinal reflex dysfunction
  • Recognize and treat patients with reduced, fluctuating, hyperactive, and hypoactive vestibular responses
  • Differentiate central and peripheral vertigo and nystagmus
  • Demonstrate treatments for Meniere’s, childhood paroxysmal vertigo, mal de debarquement, post concussion syndrome, migraine-associated vertigo, torticollis, post-surgical conditions, superior canal dehiscence, and central disorders
  • Recognize and demonstrate repositioning maneuvers for horizontal, anterior and posterior canal BPPV
  • Develop a fall risk/safety program
  • Review evidenced-based outcomes

Vestibular RehabilitationNow through May 18, 2020, register for “Vestibular Rehabilitation: Treatment Intensive” and enter promo code ERICARES at checkout to purchase the series for $259, a savings of $50.

Filmed at a live in-person seminar, the online series offers the same content as the live course and has been developed into shorter (approximately 3-3.5 hour) sessions for optimal learning. Participants need to watch the entire course to gain the full treatment toolkit. The online series is offered for 13.5 Contact Hours, 1.35 CEUs (Intermediate Level). Participants have access to the course and materials for one year. For complete CEU details click HERE.

Register for “Vestibular Rehabilitation: Treatment Intensive” with Master Clinician Gaye Cronin.