NEW Pediatric Strength Training Course for Therapists Coming To Illinois and New York

Pediatric strength trainingDon’t miss our NEW Pediatric Course: “Positive Functional Outcomes Through Strength Training in Children with Developmental Disabilities”, with respected clinician and dynamic instructor Bobby Nabeyama, PT, DPT, MS coming to:

Illinois – August 26-27, 2016

New York – November 5-6, 2016

With further dates being scheduled for 2017.

Most children with disabilities and motor impairments have strength deficits and weakness-related impairments.  These strength deficits correlate or directly interfere with their functional level and participation across multiple environments including at home and school.  This seminar with focus on how to best apply available literature into clinical and educational practice for optimal outcomes.  Through practice, extensive case problem analysis and discussion, participants will learn best practices in data driven, scientific based interventions for strength, endurance, and function.  This seminar will encourage the success of children with special needs and set up high standards in outcomes.  

This course will help therapists set realistic goals, prioritize treatment and implement successful programs for children with disabilities including cerebral palsy, multiply handicapped, obesity, chronic orthopedic conditions, and autism from preschool through school age, adolescence, and towards adulthood.

Please click here for full course details, to download a brochure or to register