NEW Regulations for Licensure Renewals for Massachusetts PTs and OTs

On April 29, 2022, the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Allied Health Professions (BOAH) promulgated regulations requiring continuing competency activities as a prerequisite to licensure renewal.
The Board will begin enforcing these requirements beginning with renewals due in September

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Here are some of the details as laid out by the BOAH

  • Licensees are required, as a condition of license renewal, to complete a minimum of 24 continuing competence points (one point per contact hour or equivalent as awarded by the provider) of Board recognized activities for maintaining continuing competence during the preceding biennial renewal period.
  • Board-approved continuing competence activities must relate to the science or contemporary
    clinical practice of physical therapy or occupational therapy and to the licensee’s current or
    anticipated professional roles and responsibilities of the following type and variety.
    (a) Publication. Published books, chapters of published books and/or articles in peer
    reviewed journals authored by the physical therapy or occupational therapy professional may
    be submitted for Board approval.
    (b) Presentation and Instruction. Presenters and instructors of academic courses,
    workshops, or seminars.
    (c) Academic Coursework. Fully completed academic coursework, by the licensee, from
    an accredited, degree-granting institution of higher education may be submitted.
    (d) Continuing Competence Programs. Fully completed continuing competence programs
    may be submitted. 
    (e) Other continuing competence activities approved by the American Occupational
    Therapy Association, Inc. or the American Physical Therapy Association may be submitted
  • Licensees must complete 24 continuing competence points per renewal period beginning in August 2024.
  • Between September 2022 and July 2024, the number of points required is prorated depending on the renewal month according to the chart outlined by this BOAH link (i.e. if the renewal month is October 2022 you will only need 2 points. If it is September 2023 you will need 13 points).
  • Deadline for to fulfill requirements is on your birthday every two years

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Please do refer to these links for complete details:


FAQ from APTA of Massachusetts