NYC Therapists to Teach COVID-19 Knowledge and Learnings in New, Live Webinar

Occupational therapists, physical therapists, and assistants are treating an increased number of patients experiencing the damaging effects of COVID-19, especially after hospital discharge.  New York City was one of the earliest and hardest hit epicenters of COVID-19 and healthcare workers on the ground had to modify their treatment techniques and plans to accommodate for new, debilitating symptoms affecting patients in rehabilitation clinics, homecare, and skilled nursing facility (SNF) settings.

Faye Bronstein, Melissa Chung, and Stephanie Windler are three such healthcare workers and part of a multi-disciplinary team at NYU Langone Health Rusk Rehabilitation. The facility’s staff is hailed for their response to the pandemic, rapid reconfiguration of services to treat the onslaught of critically ill and recovering patients, and adjusting rheir approach to the evolving pandemic crisis. Faye, Melissa, and Stephanie are sharing their COVID-19 related lessons in the new, live webinar “COVID-19: Beyond Acute Care – Treating Patients in Rehab, Homecare and SNFs.”

The one-day live webinar takes place April 11, 2021, and will focus on clinical therapy management of patients in rehabilitation, homecare, and SNF settings with debility and neurological conditions related to COVID-19. Using case studies, Faye, Melissa, and Stephanie will share current evidence and their clinical pearls to evaluate and treat this patient population including ways to adjust treatments with relation to COVID-19 precautions and how those adjustments affect outcomes.

Do not miss the chance to learn from three therapeutic pioneers serving on the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic. Register for “COVID-19: Beyond Acute Care – Treating Patients in Rehab, Homecare and SNFs” on Education Resources, Inc.’s website or click HERE for more information including the full brochure and CEU information.