Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation: Helpful Considerations for Clinicians Diagnosing Vertigo in Adults vs. Pediatric Patients

Inger Brueckner, MS, PT, ERI’s esteemed faculty member and vestibular rehabilitation expert, is eager to share with our community of therapists an informative article recently published in Italian Journal of Pediatrics that could be helpful when looking at a child vs. adult complaining of dizziness:

Neurological Vertigo in the Emergency Room in Pediatric and Adult Age: Systematic Literature Review and Proposal for a Diagnostic Algorithm: Pellegrino et al.  Italian Journal of Pediatrics (2022) 48:125

Inger says: 

This article uses a systematic review to describe the
differences between
adults and pediatric patients
presenting to the Emergency Room with vertigo. 

It highlights the difference in presentation based on age. They have developed an algorithm to help clinicians and I find it very useful to keep the different presentations in mind when looking at a child vs. adult complaining of dizziness.

Taking age into consideration when trying to determine causes for dizziness is important, but often over-looked. The summary of conditions is also a helpful review if you see patients of all ages.

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