Post Course Discussion With Speakers

We would like to introduce something new: a discussion with our speakers following their course. This is the ideal opportunity for course participants to share their experiences using the new techniques learned, and discuss any clinical challenges, solutions and suggestions. We welcome all therapists to offer their own therapy tips and join this community.

The Pediatric Brain:
Functional Neuroanatomy and the Sensory Systems and their Treatment Applications

Hello all, 

I hope that everyone has had a chance to try some of the treatment strategies that we talked about at my course. I wanted to follow up because some of you had talked with me about your clients and had questions, and I wanted to make sure that everyone’s requests were appropriately addressed. Sometimes there is not enough time through the course of the weekend. If anyone would like to continue discussing their particular clients that were brought up or had any further questions now, or at any point in the future, please do not hesitate to post your questions, thoughts and suggestions on this blog.

I always love to keep communication open and am also eager to learn from all therapists I come into contact with. 

Thanks again and hope some of you got to do some reflex testing, adjust some treatment plans, and throw a little vision activity into the mix!

Janine Wiskind