Press Release: Education Resources, Inc. Releases Therapies in the School Online Conference 7  

Nine Engaging Continuing Education Sessions Explore the Latest School-based Interventions and Methods for Implementing Successful Collaborations

BOSTON – April 21, 2021 – Education Resources, Inc. (ERI) announces the launch of Therapies in the Schools Online Conference 7, an on-demand continuing education series that enables school-based therapists and professionals to learn the latest techniques from world-renowned faculty. Comprised of nine sessions, the online series provides a multitude of thought-provoking interventions and tools and the latest and most efficient methods to collaborate with fellow school-based professionals.

Therapies in the School Online Conference 7 was recorded at ERI’s annual Therapies in the School Conference which took place in a virtual setting in November 2020. The virtual conference was attended by hundreds of therapists across the country with sessions taught by Suzanne Davis Bombria, Susan Cecere, Liliane Savard, Colleen Whiting, Angela Sterling-Orth, Kim Wiggins, and Kimberly Wynarczuk.

Conference attendees shared numerous positive experiences. Vicki Nephew, a New York based PT said, “This is an excellent resource for school-based therapy, which is often hard to find in continuing education. Sharing the latest research and strategies with presenters and other school-based therapists has been extremely helpful and affirming of what we are doing with our own kids.”

The conference consists of nine sessions totaling 23 training hours:

  • School-Based Best Practices
  • The Severely Involved child
  • Effective Push-In Services for Related Service Providers
  • Developing and Using Goals for Students’ Meaningful Participation in School
  • Core Strengthening for Improved Academic Performance & School Participation for PT, OT & SLP
  • Implementation of Video Self Modeling for Children with Autism: Applications for Both School and Home
  • Using the iPad to Facilitate Service Delivery and Improve Student Outcomes and Engagement
  • Creating Motor Lab & Sensory Pathways: Incorporating Movement into Classrooms and Homes
  • Increasing Effectiveness Through Interprofessional Collaboration

Participants who purchase Therapies in the School Online Conference 7 series will receive the bonus 1 ½ hour on-demand online course “Supporting Students with Sensory Processing Challenges in the Schools: Using the STAR Frame of Reference” with Colleen Whiting.

Therapies in the School Online Conference 7 is being offered for $399/person. Group rates are available. Register HERE, or email for group rates.

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