PT looking for eligibility guidelines for ESY (extended school year)

Dina Posts:

DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I am a NY licensed physical therapist who works in a public school setting preschool-age 21. The challenging task of annual review time, facilitating IEP goals and recommendations for the extended school year (ESY) are upon us. I am looking for input/guidelines from other facilities regarding the eligibility for children to receive ESY physical therapy in a school setting. It is often difficult to provide significant proof of substantial regression which allows a student to receive PT during the six week summer program yet it is just as difficult to discontinue services with the hopes of them not regressing. Many of the more physically involved students are automatically eligible for services. What do other PTs recommend for a child with Down syndrome who is ambulatory but fatigues easily or children with CP, orthopedic conditions, developmental delays or motor planning issues? I understand that each child’s IEP is “individualized” and there is no “right or wrong” answer but I would love to hear how other schools determine ESY eligibility or lack of. Thank you.