School Based DPT Struggling to Move past Bachelors plus 36 – Needs Your Input


We received this question from one of the school therapists in our community, she would like to hear your thoughts and experiences:

I am a PT in the school system in Foxborough , Ma. I got my BSPT in 1982 and went back and got my DPT in 2005 thru a transitional DPT program at MGH Institute. The transitional DPT program was 8 classes but only 15 credits. They keep credits low to encourage enrollment. I went on to take 21 more credits of graduate courses. In my district this moved me to the bachelors plus 36/masters salary scale. However, I can not move past that level since I did not get my masters. Since there is no longer a master’s program in PT, I am trying to have my district look at my unique situation. It seems unfair I can not move past the bachelors plus 36 level when I have my DPT, the preferred degree in my field. It is a contractual year and I have asked my superintendant and union rep to look into this. They asked if I could reach out to other districts to see how other towns are handing the situation. I spoke with a college friend who is an OT with the Boston Public Schools and she said the entry level DPTs there are on the doctorate sale. I have gotten emails from your organization where therapists are trying to get ideas from other therapists. I wonder if there is a way to send this to a school therapist distribution list if you have one.

I am particularly interested if there are any BSPTs who went on to get their DPT through a transitional DPT program to see where they are paid on the salary scale. It is tricky since the entry level DPTs have many more credits than I do. Could forward this email to anyone who may have insight into this situation. Thanks in advance for your help. Lisa MacDonnell