Seeking Ideas for Child with no Clear Hand Dominance

Hand dominanceRobin, OT, posts:

DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Help please! I am working with a 5 soon to be 6 (may 25) kindergarten student. Despite the many academic challenges he faces he clearly has no established dominance . Based upon all my observations he is equally efficient with both hands when it comes to handwriting (which is poor as one would expect).He does not demonstrate any lower extremity dominance either . I am very unclear as to how to proceed with use of writing tools. Based upon a recent observation when drawing a family portrait(again very immature) he started all but 2 of his 6 pics with his left hand but in all 6 switched to his right hand. This happens consistently, but sometimes he starts with his right hand. Any suggestions, resources would be greatly appreciated!! I am really worried about this little guy. He is in half day AM kindergarten now with PM in sub separate , going to 1st grade in Sept.