Should I take a live Continuing Education course or an on-line course?

After sponsoring and developing live courses for over 25 years, we admit to being just a tad prejudice about live continuing education courses! Our professions (physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology) are used to being physically active. So I don’t need to tell you that sitting at a desk taking an on-line course can be an excruciatingly painful experience for many of us.

While there is certainly nothing that compares to the convenience of sitting in your pajamas and taking an on-line course, you have to weigh the convenience over the inspiring shot-in-the-arm experience of learning alongside your colleagues at a live course.

Did you know?

We conducted a formal survey of over 900 therapists who overwhelmingly said they prefer live courses to any other form of continuing education. These therapists pointed out that 1 or 2 hour courses on-line did not (and could not) have the depth and breadth of a one or two day course.

Here is the key to help you decide:

If you are looking for pure didactic information go for an on-line course!  If you are searching for clinical problem solving, or a hands-on skill, and depth of knowledge that comes from a one or two day long course, there is nothing that energizes you like a live continuing education course interacting with instructors and colleagues.

What has been your experience with on-line courses? Feel free to share this information in this blog!