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PTs, OTs, SLPs, and assistants don’t need to travel to earn CEUs and take their practices to the next level. Register for ERI’s web-based online courses and take exceptional courses from world-renowned faculty members from the convenience of the office or home.

ERI’s online courses are filmed “live” at an ERI conference and edited into shortened lessons for optimal learning experiences. Participants will feel like they are in the classroom as fellow therapists participate in Q&A sessions and prompted on how to participate in labs. Downloadable handouts are included with registration. Participants have access to the course and downloadable handouts for an entire year.



Register for these Exceptional Online Course Series: 

Attention School-based Therapists! Register for These Five Online CEU Series (Group Rates Are Available!) 

  • NEW! Therapies in the School Online Conference Six– $599
    Instructors: Anne Buckley-Reen, Susan Cecere, Arsenio Paez, Nicole Barmen, Judith Kimball, Kim Wiggins, Kathryn Biel
    22 CEUs
    Eight engaging, motivating and highly informative modules to invigorate your practice and provide school-based tools to foster growth in your students. Modules range from essential writing tools, neuroplasticity/motor learning, praxis and its effect on executive functioning, typing programs, preschool interventions, mindfulness, IEP writing, and ways to more effectively collaborate with your team.

  • Therapies in the School Online Conference Five – $599
    Instructors: Melissa Gerber, Josephine Bardabelias, Jocelynn Wallach, Nancy Williamson, Janine Wiskind, Jennifer School, Julie Goff
    14 CEUs
    This course focuses on the latest advances in school-based practice for therapists. Four dynamic modules cover aligning motor needs with educational needs, and how to improve executive function in children who are receiving therapy services in the school setting. How primitive reflexes can be relevant to school-based practice, as well as strategies to integrate these primitive reflexes are discussed. Using evidence to help guide decisions on goals, dosage, and frequency are covered for motor needs in children with autism.
  • Therapies in the School Online Conference Four – $599
    Instructor: Sara Harvey, John Pagano, Maureen McCabe, Christopher Marotta, Melissa Gerber
    15 CEUs
    Four engaging online modules including access for children with moderate to severe physical challenges, improving effectiveness through collaboration with children with mild motor challenges, understanding visual processing and visual deficits as well as how to improve sensory, motor behavior and learning outcomes to enhance functioning in your students.

  • Therapies In the School Online Conference Three -$599
    Doriet Bialer, John Pagano, Susan Cecere, Barbara Hodge, Carrie Davis
    16.5 CEUs
    Five comprehensive online modules addressing complex school challenges, evidence based sensory and motor activities, handwriting success tools, functional postural control strategies, as well as ways to improve mental health, bilateral coordination, and visual spatial skills to enhance functioning in your students.

  • Therapies in the School Online Conference Two – $599
    June Smith, Agnes McConlogue and Lori Quinn, Sara Harvey, Debra Dickson, Peg Dawson, Cathy Stern and Donna McCrorey
    17.5 CEUs
    Six dynamic modules, focusing on team strategies, practical tools to address sensory/behavioral challenges, and creative activities focusing on visual and motor skills to enhance functioning in your students.

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