Spotlight on Concussion Management and the Latest Research

Join Christina Finn, Ed.D, OTR for this engaging two part LIVE webinar: Management of Persistent Post Concussive Symptoms: What’s the Latest Evidence? 

Therapists working with individuals ranging from school aged children to older adults who may have sustained a concussion as a result of a fall, MVA, sports injury or other accident, will find this course extremely helpful as it relates to the latest research on the diagnosis and management of concussion and persistent post concussive symptoms. 

Over the years, Christina has worked extensively with individuals with visual difficulties as a result of brain injury, concussion, and other neurological conditions. In this course, she will guide the therapist by offering informed, evidence-based, and effective treatment strategies to improve visual skills, balance, and
sensory integration for optimal return to daily tasks post-concussion. 

Management of Persistent Post Concussive Symptoms: What’s the Latest Evidence? will be offered as a live webinar on April 8 – 9. Register for this course or view other listings offered by Christina Finn. 

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