Stacey Szklut is Back with Education Resources, Inc.!


For all of you fans of Stacey Szklut, we wanted to let you know that she is back on our faculty! She took a hiatus from teaching for several years to build her highly respected private practice. She’ll be teaching a much needed continuing education course on autism intervention which will integrate evidence based treatments with practical techniques for behavior, communication, and function.

Stacey is well known for her dynamic engaging teaching style, and her ability to take current research and make it clinically relevant and exciting. She will teach you to view familiar problems with new eyes. She is a master clinician in occupational therapy, and also a published author who lectures throughout the country with a specialty in sensory processing disorders.

 Look for her dates and locations here.

Stacey Szklut is also presenting at our annual Therapies in the School conference