Stretching Your Continuing Education Dollars

One of the frequently asked questions we get is: what is the most efficient use of my budgeted continuing education dollars

We are very aware of how CE budgets have been cut in recent years, and we have approached this issue in several ways. We always have a featured course on our home page that will be discounted. We rotate this course so that many topics will be featured. Periodically we will also offer a coupon to celebrate a particular holiday. Visit our home page to find both coupons and discounted continuing education courses. 

In addition, if you have a continuing education topic that you want your entire staff to be trained on, we can bring a speaker into your facility to cover this topic which can also be customized. The more staff you have, the more cost effective this is, and obviously, there are no travel expenses for you or your staff.  Browse our website in order to find a topic and faculty member that meets your needs! 

For more information on co-hosting or an in-house course, contact Marianne at: