Technology… Friend or Foe for The Therapist

Education Resources TechnologyAt our annual “Therapy in the Schools” conference this fall, our distinguished technology speaker,Kelly Charlebois admitted that she was put “off balance” when she downloaded iOS 7 on her iPad and iPhone and saw a whole new screen and then realized that she did not know how to close open programs anymore, as that was one of the changes that came with the new software.

Besides that fact that she made me feel better (I had to call my son to figure out how to close the programs!), imagine how the kids we work with (and the adults) who use the iPad to assist them with a myriad of challenges will view these seemingly random changes. 

Assistive and educational technologies are changing the way students learn in the 21st century classroom. New apps and accommodations that help keep students focused and moving forward on their goals are constantly being developed for the iPad. However, the sudden “changes” and “upgrades” may be frustrating to some.

Kelly ended with this quote:
“For Americans without disabilities, technology makes things easier.  For Americans with disabilities, technology makes things possible.”      Mary Pat Radabaugh

What strategies have you used in the classroom with students? What apps and programs have you found useful? Are you frustrated or delighted by the upgrades and changes that occur every few years?