We Celebrate Our Team

Congratulations and Farewell

Our amazing team comes together as we celebrate commitment, dedication and passion.

ERI Team













Our small but mighty team are the reason ERI was able to weather the storm of Covid-19. Without them we could not have successfully pivoted many of our courses onto the virtual platform to continue to provide quality education for therapists globally.

We celebrated Donna, who has been with ERI for over 25 yrs. She coordinates ERI’s accounting activities and is a great resource for course participants. She has witnessed  so many changes and updates over the years, and is always willing to help and roll up her sleeves. Thank you Donna!

We said a fond farewell to Cathy, our marketing coordinator. Cathy’s vision has helped to take our marketing department to the next level. We will miss you and wish you every success in your new venture.

While we were unable to be together in person we had a great fun time at our virtual paint party. There’s some talent there!!

Here’s to the another time soon – hopefully in person!