What to Look for When Choosing a CEU Provider

what to look for when choosing a ceu provider

Choosing a continuing education (CEU) course provider is an important decision. Continuing your education as a therapist will help you further develop your skills, keep up with new research and implement updated techniques.

Choosing a CEU course provider with the proper accreditations and course offerings will ensure you meet your state or field’s requirements, and choosing the right provider can inspire you in your line of work. If you are wondering how to choose a course provider, we compiled some tips for finding the best continuing education course provider.

Importance of Continuing Education Courses

Continuing education courses allow you to provide the best care and therapy for your clients. They help you keep up with current research and updated techniques so you can maintain clinical excellence in your field. They also help you develop personally and professionally.

Learning is a lifelong process because there are always new ways to grow, and developing new skills can boost your confidence in yourself and in your work. Continuing your education can also boost promotion opportunities and lead to salary increases. Certain states and therapy fields have different CEU rules and regulations, so continuing your education allows you to meet requirements while developing personally.

What to Consider When Choosing a CEU Provider

If you are wondering how to choose a CEU course provider, there are some important factors to keep in mind. Knowing what to look for when choosing a CEU provider can help you make the best decision for your needs. Before choosing a provider, consider the following criteria:

criteria to consider when choosing a CEU provider

1. Accreditation

Do some research to make sure your chosen provider holds the appropriate accreditations. CEU providers must adhere to specific rules and regulations. Taking classes with accredited providers ensures you receive the correct training and quality education your field will recognize and accept. 

There are a few ways to check accreditation. You can check a provider’s website to learn which accreditations they have by looking for certain logos and any accreditation statements. You can also check state and national regulating bodies to find lists of accredited providers, or you can check if your company’s board website includes a list of acceptable providers.

2. Licensed Instructors

Another way to evaluate a course provider’s quality is to check the instructors’ experience. You should only sign up for courses taught by experienced educators or licensed professionals. Instructors with specialized training in your field will be able to provide the highest quality instruction that you need to grow in your profession. 

3. Technological and Presentation Quality

Providers must present their course content effectively with high production quality. Clear audio and visuals will help you focus on the course material, and effective visual representations will help you retain information. It’s also important to choose courses that are easily accessible. 

Your learning process will be quicker and easier if you can access your course materials with a few simple clicks. 

4. A Wide Variety of Course Offerings

Choose a CEU provider that offers various courses and continuously expands its options. When a provider offers a wide variety of engaging courses, you will have more opportunities to grow in several different areas. It’s also important for a provider to continuously update course material and add new courses because this will help you keep up with changes in your specific field. 

5. Ability to Understand and Meet Your Needs

A quality provider will understand the requirements in your field and be able to meet your specific needs. You must follow certain regulations and rules within your profession, so it’s important to choose a provider that understands these regulations and will help you understand and follow them as well. Conversation with a provider can help you determine how well they understand your profession and needs. 

6. Proper Documentation

Before choosing a CEU provider, make sure you will receive the proper documentation to verify your work. You will want to obtain a form of proof that you completed the course after you dedicate your time and effort to it, so make sure you understand your profession or state’s reporting requirements. 

Some states or professions may require proof for each course you take, while others only require proof for specific courses. Choose a provider that will offer you the necessary documentation to prove your completion of the required courses. You can also ask if the provider will automatically store your documentation for you.

Reporting speed will be important when you have deadlines to meet, so it’s important to know how fast you can expect proof of completion. Certificates should include the following information:

  • The course name
  • The date you took or completed the course
  • Earned hours or credits
  • Course provider accreditations

7. Cost

CEU providers should offer reasonable prices, but exercise caution if a provider advertises surprisingly low course prices. Suspiciously low prices may indicate that a provider cuts corners and sacrifices quality. Reasonable prices should be based on course content and production quality, and some providers may be able to accommodate your team’s budget by bundling courses together or allowing you the flexibility to purchase only the courses you need. 

choose ERI for your continuing education courses

Choose ERI for Your Continuing Education Courses

Understanding how to choose a CEU provider will help you develop your skills, implement new techniques and meet state requirements. Education Resources, Inc. offers both live and online courses to inform, inspire and meet your needs. Whether you prefer to take a convenient online course on your schedule, participate in a live webinar or learn inside a classroom, ERI will provide quality course content to help you grow professionally and personally. We also offer an annual conference for therapists in various fields. 

In evolving fields with ongoing research, it’s important to practice the newest techniques and keep up with the latest findings. With ERI, you can learn real-world skills and remain current with best practices. Our inspiring course content will help you improve patient outcomes, boost your standard of care and advance your career. When you continue your education with ERI, you will receive in-depth instruction that renews your passion for your work.

ERI instructors are engaging, passionate and dynamic experts in their fields. We offer a wide variety of courses and continuously add new courses to help therapists keep up with their ever-evolving field. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you continue your education and improve your patients’ outcomes.