Why does Anybody Teach Handwriting Anymore?

Handwriting is not as old-fashioned as you think! Certainly keyboarding is an important skill, as technology has become a part of our everyday lives. But, did you know that writing by hand, though slower than typing, has benefits over typing?

Multiple studies have shown that children learn and remember more when they write by hand (versus typing on a keyboard or other electronic device).  Early literacy skills such as spelling, word recognition, phonemic awareness, meaning, language, letter names, idea generation, and the actual reading of words are all facilitated by handwriting.  Handwriting practice also increases brain activation to facilitate performance across all academic subjects, provides a foundation for higher-order skills, and influences language and critical thinking.

Engage your clients in handwriting practice and make a difference in all of these functional areas!

For references: http://www.connectexperiencewrite.com/references-research.html

Michele Parkins MS, OTR & Carrie Davis MS, OTR
Co-founders of Connect Experience Write, a developmental handwriting program using music and movement to teach pre-writing skills and letter formation www.connectexperiencewrite.com

We are excited to introduce Michele Parkins and Carrie Davis, two new members of our faculty who will be presenting at our Annual Therapies in The School Conference in November: “Using Sensory Motor Integration and Visual Spatial Strategies to Facilitate Success in Handwriting”.

This is the first in a series of blogs from Michele and Carrie.