Why don’t more people know that therapy can help their dizziness?

Dizziness and vestibular disorders affect 1/3rd of people during some time in their adult lives. Many of these folks have no idea that this is an inner ear disorder and many have no idea that physical or occupational therapy could be the answer to their problem. Imagine walking around dizzy all the time…not fun! 

Many patients turn to therapy as a last resort. Maybe a physician finally referred them to a physical therapist after all else failed. Most individuals require 3-5 physician visits before being accurately diagnosed. The cost of medical care per year exceeds one billion dollars for these patients! 

According to several studies, about 85% of patients suffering from dizziness see improvement through physical therapy. According to Richard Clendaniel, PhD, PT, renowned expert in vestibular rehabilitation, early diagnosis and proper treatment can prevent serious injuries from falls and have a significant impact on decreasing the cost to our medical system. 

Vestibular Rehabilitation requires custom prescribed methods and custom treatment for each patient. 

We need to start a grass roots effort to educate the public about what therapy can do for their dizziness! 

Please share any efforts you have found successful in educating the public about therapy for vestibular disorders. 

How would you start a grass roots effort in your community about what therapy can offer these patients?