Blog Competition Winner – Free CEU course

We are pleased to announce Samantha as the winner of our blog competition. She can attend one of our two day courses for free.
Samantha asked for advice for a challenging case she was involved with and received tremendous constructive advice and suggestions from fellow therapists.

Please visit the thread here:

Samantha would like to thank everyone for their advice:

Thank you for the numerous responses regarding this specific patient. I read over all of the ideas that were presented while treating the patient which were all very helpful! As far as treatment was concerned, the parents were heavily incorporated into the session, which they appreciated greatly. I was informed, from the parents, that the use of the Ipad was a large motivator for participation from the child. The use of the Ipad gave the patient interest in ambulation. The use of the visual/audio stimulus was also helpful with education regarding hip precautions. As far was weight bearing status was concerned, I spoke with the primary orthopedic team and the surgeon who performed the surgery regarding the difficulties that were encountered during therapy session, he decided that NWB would be more appropriate at this time secondary to difficulty maintaining TDWB. We were able to facilitate NWB status through the use of a pediatric walker and with the help from parents when ambulating. The patient was to follow up in OP PT with a pediatric orthopedic PT with long-standing experience in the realm of complex patients. As far as maintaining NWB per the time frame of the surgeon, the plan is for OP PT to facilitate the use of the device that is more appropriate for the patient. Thanks again for all your help! It was pleasure to read through responses from such experienced therapists and begin to integrate these ideas into my own repertoire of treatment techniques.

Congratulations Samantha!