Courses for Special Education Teachers

Live Webinars and Online Courses for Professional Development

Special educators know that classrooms are powerful, positive places. That’s why Education Resources courses for special educators do more than provide continuing education units (CEUs)—they create team collaboration.

At ERI, we know that special educators, guidance counselors, developmental specialists, and teachers help students improve critical functions in their lives every day. We know you are always seeking new strategies, new ways to help, and new ways to move children forward.

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Continuing Education Courses for Special Educators

Effective teachers constantly strive to improve their teaching methods and their classrooms. Expanding your knowledge through continuing education courses for special educators will benefit you by:

  • Developing your communication skills.
  • Providing more training on specific subject matters relevant to your classroom.
  • Enhancing your problem-solving skills.
  • Sharing new ways to reach students of any skill level.
  • Gain the skills to maintain a classroom despite roadblocks.

Online Education Courses for Special Education Teachers

ERI’s online continuing education courses for special education teachers provide exceptional value to help you improve your teaching skills create meaningful connections with your students. We offer two flexible online learning options at ERI to meet your busy schedule. Take classes on your schedule in the location of your choosing to advance your career:

Online Courses

Take a special education ERI course on your schedule with our on-demand special education professional development courses. We film all our on-demand courses to make it feel as though you are present and provide a downloadable handout so you can follow along.

If you choose to partake in an on-demand course, you also have the flexibility to pause the video and rewind to revisit specific information. Explore courses in topics such as gross and fine motor skills and the best school-based practices. Students also have a year to complete the class and pass the post test to eliminate timing issues.

Live Webinars

Join one of our special education professional development webinars for an engaging learning experience on topics such as  the Severely Involved and Medically Complex Student and motor issues in autism. Students can attend our webinars from any location and receive an email with a Zoom link before the session begins. After the webinar, you will receive a CEU certificate you can download and print at any time.

In-Person Courses

Our in-person special education continuing education courses provide hands-on learning experiences by combining videos and lectures. During our in-person classes, you will solidify your skills while increasing your knowledge by receiving real-time feedback and guidance. You can also connect with other participants who share your passion for a chance to learn and make valuable connections.


Why Choose ERI? 

Whether you are helping students in a school, daycare center or a preschool program, we offer a wide variety of special education courses to fit your needs. Each class offers hands-on learning opportunities and will provide resources you can use daily to enhance your practice. Some additional reasons to choose ERI for your continuing education for special educators are: 

Course Topics

ERI can keep you current on the latest school-based therapies and best practices. ERI courses cover a wide range of topics like autism, anxiety, foundational skills for literacy, sensory diet and the neurodevelopmental classroom, and feature cutting-edge tools you can’t wait to try.

Our Experienced Team

During our 30 years in business, we have set the standard for creating hands-on and evidence-based educational opportunities. Whether you attend one of our courses online or in person, you will receive informative resources in managing ADHD with mindfulness and self-regulation you can reference daily to help your students.

A Valuable Investment

ERI seminars for special educators are a valuable investment in you and your students. By registering for our continuing education courses, you will reignite your passion for special education and teach you how to go above and beyond for your students.

Our catalog of education opportunities for special educators includes:

  • Early intervention (EI)
  • Mental health/behavior
  • Neurology
  • Pediatrics 
  • School-based practice.

Connect with Other Special Educators

We know that you may be the only person on your team with your skillset. Community matters to you just as much as your CEUs. Whether you fulfill your professional developmental requirements online or attend live seminars with ERI, you will connect with a wider community of dedicated special educators as committed to making a difference as you are.

Register today for one of our engaging and informational continuing education courses and spend your next in-service day with ERI. With our courses, you’ll learn high-quality, powerful special education and school-based therapy skill you can use in your classroom!

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